Monday, 3 March 2014

Prayer to the Source

That which is the Light and which birthed the Light into being
Which made the Darkness and which is the Darkness itself
Mystery that fashioned Mystery, passion sparked by Passion.
The Thought that ignited Consciousness and Mind.
The remembered Dream that bore forth Dream and Memory.
Which set the Laws of Fate and Time, and which set the Laws of the Breaking of Them.
That which is and that which is what formed the wide and fertile earth, 
The breath of the endless heaven, 
The deep and changeable sea,
And the fires of the suns of a billion, billion worlds.
Chaos and Cessation and Creation.
Sum and Source
That which lies beyond mortal ken and ever out of grasping, 

Let my vain search for you be not in vain
Let my being serve as a manifestation of your glory
Let the shadows you cast lead me towards illumination.

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