Monday, 3 March 2014

By Revel Revealed

I boil the wine
And mull it with blood
And drink till it runs down my chin
Staining my breasts red and dripping onto the hard-packed earth where my feet have danced

I fling my head back
And howl into the void
Daring the night to embrace me
And in the darkness see visions of rent beasts and the mask of Life fall away to reveal Death’s pitiless grin

Parched with sanity
I slake my thirst in madness
And drop my self aside to find my Self
And in the wild, frenzied raving find a calm centre of harmony that bestows true peace

I collapse, shattered and empty
Bone weary and muscle strained
Barely able to lift my limbs
And I smile, laughing with joy and elation at the beauty of this insane world

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