Monday, 3 March 2014

My Eros, My Incubus

In darkness,
In blackest night with curtains drawn
I feel you near to me;
A weight made of thought and a thousand desires.

You whisper,
A deep honey voice seeping into my flesh,
Your breath heating my skin
With words of wicked deeds and promised pleasure.

My thoughts 
Swell to overwhelm my senses -
Your scent, the taste of your sweat,
The pulse of your heartbeat pressed against my chest.

Phantom hands
Glide over my skin, trailing after my own.
I can feel your tongue parting my lips
As I fight to hold your face in my memory. 

I ache
With the echo of you inside me.
I yearn to feel your weight upon me
Moving within me as you do in my mind.

My Eros,
My incubus - haunting my dreams
In blackest night with curtains drawn
Do your thoughts ever drift to me?
Do you hear me call your name?

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