Monday, 3 March 2014

Two Roads

Would you risk all that you are
To try to know yourself?
Would you walk the paths of hell,
Or die, screaming to get out?
You speak of hope and goodness,
And of purity and of peace.
But darkness lives within the light-
Clawing for release.
You travel on the highest roads,
And bask in brilliant light.
But of their sisters far below-
You deny knowing of the night.
You miser away your hope and love;
And scream of poverty.
You claim you have a wealth of thoughts,
Others just cant see.
Face to face with true magic,
Would you even know?
Death is part of the sacred plan
And darkness needs to grow.
Embrace the cauldron of the Crone-
And look into its deep.
Laugh as madness takes you home;
And leads you to escape.
Run with wolves in the darkest night;
And try to tell me then
That the Goddess is all hope and love
And doesn’t deal in death.
You speak to me of balance,
But do you understand the scales?
For without the heat of the flames,
The fire would surely fail.
Light and darkness are not two-
Life and death are one.
And you must travel on both roads,
Before your journey can be done.

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