Friday, 27 June 2014

Great Pan is Not Dead

When light goes down and darkness rises
And naught is left save breath and shadow
And the chill caressing sigh of wind;

When moonlight covers all in hoary grey
And blunts the edges of day-time shades
Dissolving blues and reds to silver-white;

When the world tilts and heaves and shudders
And the sky fills with an electrical promise
And the air is thick enough to wrap around you like a fleece;

When beasts bay and eyes blaze in the distance
And silhouettes seem to melt out of every pool of night -

When fright beats a staccato cadence in your blood
Yet curiosity drives you to deeper into the dusky shade -   

When the twisting of the paths make your feet lose their way
And yet even in your terror you find a great beauty in your fear -

You will know then that Great Pan is not dead,
He but only waits for you in the wildest places of your mind.

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