Friday, 4 September 2015

Quote the Oracle

I've been a life long hoarder of quotes and I've always tried to figure out what to do with my collection and so I created a dice oracular system using some of my favourite quotes and sayings. They're from everyone from Robin Williams to Jim Morrison to ancient philosophers and poets; From books and movies and TV and music, Kushiel's Legacy, Lord of the Rings, Buffy, Alan Parson's Project and Battlestar Galactica.

It's of the same style as the I-Ching and Olympian Alphabet Oracle, that is it's a 'fixed oracle' where a die is thrown three times to give a series of three numbers, each series corresponds to a quote which the querent then interprets as needed.

I'd love to hear form anyone who uses it, and of course, if you notice any attribution errors please let me know!

Quote The Oracle

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Notes upon the Summer Solstice.....

The solstice of summer is the height of the strength of the sun; it is the longest day and shortest night of the year. Throughout place and time humanity has honoured and celebrated the power and symbolism of this day. 

For some it was the beginning of the New Year and considered a time between time.  The ancient Greeks celebrated it as Kronia, sacred to Kronos in his form of the god of agriculture and the fertility of the crops and fields.  For the Romans, it was a time to pay tribute to Vesta, goddess of the hearth - the hearth of the family, the hearth of the state and the hearth of the home of the very gods themselves. 

Through out the northern and western European nations great bonfires would be lit this night to reflect the great strength of the sun and bring it down to earth.  Celebrants would jump the flames, the higher they jumped, the higher the crops would grow.  The flames would burn away all evil and bad luck.  The fire’s ashes would be collected and used to bless field and garden and to guard boundaries and home. 

Great wheels of flame – balls made of straw and lit with the bonfire would be rolled down hills into a river.  This would not only drive away evil and evil spirits but also represented the unity of Fire and Water – Midsummer marks the entrance of the sun into the water sign of Cancer, and this union of great opposites was important this day as well – union of water and fire, union of female and male.

Midsummer was also important to the denizens of the otherworld, the fey and Sidhe and fairy courts.  In late Elizabethan and Victorian lore, the Folk came out to make mischief and dance through the night awaiting the dawn.  But in many earlier traditions, the Fair Ones were not just there to play and prance about, but to witness a great and profound event – the Crowning of the King.

It is on this day that the sacred king, be it Virbius or Sigfried, Arthur, Fionn or Yeshua, Osiris, or Lugh, accepts his crown and with it accepts his fate.

His fate is to die. 

The king was born with the sun at the winter solstice, the day opposite to today.  There he was at his weakest, new born and squalling, but gaining power with every dawn as the heat and the light of the sun grew stronger.  He was the heir presumptive, the foolish wanderer, the hero who fought demons and battled dragons.  He was tested – initiated and reborn - heir presumptive became heir apparent.  He met and mated with the goddess – the very land itself - and through her he became himself.

But it is on Midsummer that his fate is revealed to him.

The sun stands still in the heavens on this day, after this it begins to fall and wane, but for today, for one shinning moment all life sings in celebration and joy.  There is a reason that paradise is often called the Summer Kingdom. At Midsummer the King is the greatest he ever shall be – the greatest he ever can be.  At midsummer the king is the God.  It is with his crowning that the king is realized his divinity.  The Young Stag becomes the King Stag, the King Stag becomes the God…..

And the God becomes the Land. 

It is, and ever shall be, the role of the sacred king to join with the land, to marry the goddess of sovereignty – Gwenhyver – the white phantom of the Otherworld, Eriu – The Great Queen, Isis – the very throne itself… he joins with the land and thus becomes the land.  But unlike the goddess, the king will age and die.  The land will fall with him and become the wasteland - unyielding and infertile.  The king knows this, and knows that it must not be and so, by accepting his crown, by accepting his glory, he accepts that his life must be forfeit, that he must give his life for life to live.   He will be challenged by his successor, he will die to feed the land and he will be replaced so that life will continue to thrive.

He is the offerer and he is the offering. 

But those events are still yet to come. 

For now, all is joy and happiness.  For now it is a time to celebrate – to celebrate the glory and the victory of life.  With the Crowning of the King, Light and Goodness triumph…. if only for a moment.

For now…. if only for a moment … god and goddess are joined as one

For now… if only for a moment … all things are possible.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Great Pan is Not Dead

When light goes down and darkness rises
And naught is left save breath and shadow
And the chill caressing sigh of wind;

When moonlight covers all in hoary grey
And blunts the edges of day-time shades
Dissolving blues and reds to silver-white;

When the world tilts and heaves and shudders
And the sky fills with an electrical promise
And the air is thick enough to wrap around you like a fleece;

When beasts bay and eyes blaze in the distance
And silhouettes seem to melt out of every pool of night -

When fright beats a staccato cadence in your blood
Yet curiosity drives you to deeper into the dusky shade -   

When the twisting of the paths make your feet lose their way
And yet even in your terror you find a great beauty in your fear -

You will know then that Great Pan is not dead,
He but only waits for you in the wildest places of your mind.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Enlightenment Within a Lightning Bolt

A flash within an ink-dark sky -
And for the barest breath,
A span of time so slight
That it dares perception to perceive it -
All is illuminated,
And known,
And named,
And one;
‘Till darkness reclaims darkness
And all that remains is the imprint of understanding
Emblazed and taunting,
Deep within the echoes of the mind.

Monday, 10 March 2014

A Meditation on Wind Chimes

I really hate being cold
(No, you don’t understand…. I REALLY hate being cold. I really, really hate it.)
And tonight it was freezing outside
And I was standing on my balcony in a t-shirt, drinking a whisky and coke.
(Shut up, I had good reason. And I had a blanket wrapped around me at least; and I even had slippers on.)
But the cold is not what’s important, what’s important was the wind chimes.

The sound of the city at 3 a.m. (that almost subsonic, collective roar/buzz) and the sound of silence (rare and fleeting, but thankfully still occasionally possible where we live) mixed with the sounds of the wind (the low howls between buildings and the high pitched whines where it screeches through the trees). 
They were all just backing vocals for the wind chimes.

The ones on my balcony didn’t budge. 
It was the song of some random chimes, in an unseen neighbourhood backyard, unheard ever before tonight that was what was important; that was what kept me rooted out there in the cold, happily enthralled and happily transfixed.

The sound was way more intoxicating than the drink I held in my hands could ever be.
I had to stay to listen to it, I had no choice.

Random bursts of wind randomly hitting randomly placed pieces of metal.  The song could never have been pre-ordained, and yet… there was…. a symmetry to the sound, a patternless pattern, one that prodded at a deeper part of my brain. 

And I was reminded then, that even Chaos itself still seeks to express itself through the beauty of creation.

Monday, 3 March 2014

By Revel Revealed

I boil the wine
And mull it with blood
And drink till it runs down my chin
Staining my breasts red and dripping onto the hard-packed earth where my feet have danced

I fling my head back
And howl into the void
Daring the night to embrace me
And in the darkness see visions of rent beasts and the mask of Life fall away to reveal Death’s pitiless grin

Parched with sanity
I slake my thirst in madness
And drop my self aside to find my Self
And in the wild, frenzied raving find a calm centre of harmony that bestows true peace

I collapse, shattered and empty
Bone weary and muscle strained
Barely able to lift my limbs
And I smile, laughing with joy and elation at the beauty of this insane world

Fervour Ekstasis

A whisper, like ivy tendrils
Caresses my mind
And makes me shiver.

I see the God in his eyes,
Smell Him in his sweat,
Taste Him on his skin.

I feel Him in his fingers.
My sight turns to mist
And drum beats echo from far away.

I slip, slide from his embrace 
And fall into His
Through smoke and wine and madness.

In frenzy, I feel the need to scream,
To dance, to roar – We are lions! –
The need to tear flesh and wash it down with blood.

I fall from myself
Deeper and madder and to a darker place;
I fall into silence.

I fall before Him,
Desire set upon the altar of my flesh;
My thoughts of Him alone.

My obsession, my dream, my Muse-man.
In bondage to His glorious call
I drink of His inspiration -

Fill me, O God, with Your heat
And when the flames consume me
Lead me to be reborn.