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Hellenic Prayer Beads and Prayers for Each of the Gods Represented

This is my set of prayer beads; each bead represents a deity in the Hellenic pantheon (and Inanna, who is Sumerian).

This is which deity each bead represents, starting with the bead symbolizing Hestia (Hestia, thine is always the first and the last)

Hestia, the goddess of the hearth – Orange carnelian to symbolize fire
Haides, King of the Land of the Dead and god of the treasures under the earth – Bone
Demeter, goddess of the earth’s growing cycles – Green spirals for the spiralling cycles of nature
Poseidon, god of sea and horses – Coral
Hera, Queen of Heaven and goddess of marriage – Four Corners ) stylized sunwheel to represent her Sovereignty over all reaches of heaven  
Zeus, King of the Gods and god of the sky – Storm-filled glass bead for the Storm King

Anemenoi (the Winds), the Aurai (nymphs of the breezes) and all being of the air – Glass ball

Musoi, the nine goddesses of inspiration – Nine red beads

Okeanides (Nymphs of the oeans) and all Water Beings – Pearl

Selene, goddess of the moon– Moonstone
Eris, goddess of discord – Golden apple –esque bead, to symbolize the one of Eris` that aided in the beginning of the Trojan war
Hecate, goddess of the crossroads and tourchbearer – Bone with three `eyes`
Ariadne, princess of Krete, Wife of Dionusos – Copper spiral, to symbolize her dancing ground and the Labyrinth
Dionusos, god of drunkenness, madness and spiritual ecstasy – Bone spiral for life and death
Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty – Enamelled bead with flowers
Persephone, Queen of the Dead and goddess of spring – Flower to symbolize the ones that she picked when she was abducted by Haides
Pan, goat horned god of flocks and the feeling of panic– Goat horn
Helios, god of the sun – Golden disk

Lampades, the torch bearing nymphs of the underworld and all creatures of fire – Obsidian, glass forged by volcanic heat

Moirae, the Fates – Three silver beads for the ladies in white who sit in a cave beside a silver pool
Horae, the seasons– Green for spring’s growth,  Red for summers` heat, Brown for autumns` colours
Kharities, the Graves, goddesses of beauty and adornment– Three gold beads

Dryads, nymphs of the trees and all beings of earth – Wood

Hermes, god of boundaries, thieves, tricksters, travelers and merchants – Black and white for the two sides of all things and the line between
Apollon, god of light, healing and song and prophesy – Amber for the light of reason
Artemis, goddess of the hunt and childbirth and young animals and children – Green triangle for her triple nature and for her connections with childbirth
Ares, god of war – Red for blood
Athene, goddess of wisdom and innovation – Grey for the Grey-eyed Goddess
Hephaistos, god of metalwork – Metal bead

Inanna, Sumerian Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Evening Star and Queen of the Morning star – bead with star on each side (4 points on each, One of Inanna`s symbols is an 8 pointed star)  

These are the prayers I say for each bead:

To Hestia
Hail to thee O Hestia,
Enthroned within the firelights golden glow.
Entrancing One, whose shadows send visions to the smoke laden temple roof
And whose gentle light serves as a last bastion against the cold dark night.
First born and last;
Humanizer, forbearer of civilization.
Goddess of Hearth and kin
My home is your sacred realm, and I, your devoted servant.
Great Lady of unconditional love and grace,
Bless my home and all those I call family with your gentle peace.

To Haides
Hail to thee O Haides,
Foreboding God of the land beyond life,
Ruler of the shades and shadows and the sunlit land of bliss.
Compassionate lord who compassion cannot sway,
Who sees the time of death come to all mortal things.
Great god, thawed only by the blushing youth of spring;
Death carrying life from the land to be his bride.
God of under-earth and of the beauty deep within it,
Of glittering gems and gold and deep, hypnotic caves;
Grant me, pale king, the living of my days and in living,
 the knowledge of how precious each truly are.

To Demeter
Hail to thee O Demeter
Great goddess of yield and crop and harvest;
Gentle mother who portions out life to all things,
Granting fertility to creature and plant and man.
Loving lady of the mysteries of life and of the rebirth that may come after,
Whose teachings grant ease of mind and a greatness of spirit.
Goddess of earth and giver of grain,
Goddess of the warm, baking bread;
Grant me great lady, that I sow only good, and that all that
 I sow comes to a harvest.

To Poseidon
Hail to thee, O Poseidon,
King of ocean and sea and the world ‘neath the waves
And  the bounty and wonders that rise from its depths.
Great earth-shaker, whose anger fells mountains
And redraws the borders of islands and shores.
God of shipwrecks, of pirates and fishers
And of all those who seek bounty in the wine-dark sea.
Shapeshifting horse-god, rumbling through valleys
With mane and tail cresting wave-like in the winds.
Mighty Poseidon grant me safe harbor in my journeys through life as
 I rise and fall on the waters of fate.

To Hera
Hail to thee, O Hera
Mistress of Heaven, Gracious Queen;
Ox-eyed Lady of the sacred bond between mates.
Empress of the starry skies and of the verdant earth below And whose sovereignty grants
 rulership over all living things;
You are the force that orders life and causes it to continue on.
Goddess of the marriage bed,
Severe and regal, all-seeing Hera,
Goddess of all women- Maiden and Wife and Widow
Grant me, great lady, the ability to find my strength and to take
authority over my life.

To Zeus
Hail to thee, O Zeus,
Storm god, thunder-lord, king of heaven and sky
And ruler over all daemons and gods.
Hero of battle, victorious against all foes;
Triumphant over Titan and giant and beasts
And who tamed the earth, readying it for mortal life.
Spirit of generosity and friendship,
And of strangers who meet in honest peace.
Lover of many, father of heroes and gods,
Gift me with the blessings of strong community, with loving friends
and with a generous heart.

To the Beings of the Realm of Air
Hail to thee, O Aurai
Nymphs of the cooling breeze;
To the Anemoi - the Winds
And to all spirits of storm and air
Creatures of mind and thought
Of rebirth and of new life
Cleanse me with your gentle breath;
Grant to me the gift of a clear mind and the ability to perceive
truly the worlds around me. 

To the Mousai
Hail to thee, O Mousai
Ladies of dance and song
And the maddening beat that drives the artist to create.
Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Klio who safeguards history
Kalliope, Terpsichore and Thalia, Ourania and Erato
Spirits of poetry and science and prayer
Mistresses of creativity and inspiration
Great ladies grant me your presence, may you
always whisper into my ear

To the Beings of the Realm of Water
Hail to thee, O Okeanoi
Nereids and Naiads and all nymphs of river and sea
Hail to thee O Tritons and all the daemons of surf and wave
And who dwell within the cold oceans depths
Spirits of feeling and emotion
Purify me with your clean waters
Grant to me the gifts of a clear heart and the ability to
 truly understand what I feel.

To Selene
Hail to thee, O Selene
Silver-white lady of the moon
Lady who soars through the stars in ox-drawn chariot
And who casts aside the darkness of night
Great lady of the silver globe
Watch over and guard me though out the night as you grace the velvet sky.

To Eris
Hail to thee, O Eris
Lady of malice and half-truth’d lies
I honour your place within the world
Great Lady whose gifts bring ill to mankind
I give you your due and do not leave you out
Goddess of Spite
Grant that I do not fall under your sway.

To Hekate
Hail to thee, O Hekate
Three faced lady of the crossroads  
Lady of night and that which lurks within it
Of witches and magic and spells
Torch bearing Goddess, Keeper of the Keys to Mystery
The attendant who leads on the road to hell
Mistress of Heaven and Earth and Sea
Grant that I always walk within the light of your flames.

To Ariadne
Hail to thee, O Ariadne
Lady of the dancing ground
And Queen of the mysteries
Mortal princess, Divine Queen
Reborn from the depths of hell
Great goddess lead me as I follow your path and seek to
become one with the gods.

To Dionusos
Hail to thee, O Dionusos,
King of the Bakhoi, lord of grapes and Mysteries.
The Beautiful Lord, the Wandering Youth;
Honey skinned and golden eyed Dionusos.
Son of Spirit and Flesh, father of Madness and Wisdom;
Bull-horned God of wine and the visions that it brings.
God of ecstasy who lives within the moment of oblivion,
Terrible and glorious; thrice-born heir to heaven,
Grant me O Lord, the knowledge of You,
fill my flesh with Your wisdom and my mind
with Your  touch.

To Aphrodite
Hail to thee, O Aphrodite
Foam-born, who rides the changeable sea out of the east.
Entrancing one whose beauty overshadows all creation
And whose love binds together all life.
Eldest of Olympians,
Your ancestry reaches past the dawn of time.
Goddess of love and lust;
You exist in the bond  between mother and child, between lovers, between foes.
Glorious lady of body and flesh
Bless me with beauty of spirit and form, and grant me, great lady,
an abundance of love.

To Persephone
Hail to thee, O Persephone,
Rosy-cheeked goddess of freshness and youth,
Mistress of new growth, of return after decay
Whose exit from earth bring the glories of spring.
Maiden of life, queen over the dead.
Lady of pomegranates, to whom all souls do come
And who judges their  fate and their due.
Goddess of mysteries and of life beyond death
Whose rebirth returns spirits to flesh.
Dearest Persephone, grant me the strength to survive my rebirths and through my
darkest times always find light.

To Pan
Hail to thee, O Pan
Goat horned and goat footed god of the wild
Of the places in nature mankind rarely goes
Rustic and wild, lord of flocks and of shepherds
Who instils a deep panic in the pit of the soul
Pipe playing Pan, grant me I always find safety when
I find myself in your realm

To Helios
Hail to thee, O Helios
Golden-bright lord of the brilliant sun
Whose chariot is drawn by four fiery steeds
And whose eyes view all that happens upon the earth
Great lord of the golden globe
Watch over and guard me though out the day as
you grace the domed heavens

To the Beings of the Realm of Fire
Hail to thee, O Lampades
Torch-bearing Nymphs of the lands below
Keepers of the fires that burn away the shadows
And Hail the Kabeiroi who work those fires
And teach the mysteries
And hail to the spirits of the fires themselves
Spirits of force and action
Consecrate me with your heat
Grant me the gifts of strong passions and Will;
and the strength to control them both

To the Moirae
Hail to thee, O Moirae
Silver-gowned daughters of necessity
Who weave the fates of gods and the fates of man
Lakhesis and Klotho, and Atropos who will one day end my thread
Grant me, shining sisters, that I live my
life to the best my Fate allows

To the Horai
Hail to thee, O Horai
Thallo, Auxo, Karpo
Ladies of the seasons who turn the flow of time
And who rule over the rightful order of life and custom
Grant me, joyous sisters, the awareness of the path I walk upon

To the Kharities
Hail to thee, O Kharities
Aglaea, Euphrosyne and Thalia
Ladies of grace and mirth and good cheer
Glorious goddesses whose beauty dazzles even heaven
Grant me, golden sisters, your gifts of joy and creativity

To the Beings of the Realm of  Earth
Hail to thee, O Dryades
Meliai of Ash trees and all spirits of pasture and mountains and glen
And Hail to the Satyrs and Kentaurs and to all the spirits of the earth
Spirits of hearth and growth and the cycles of life
Uphold me with your strength
Grant me the foundation to always succeed in that which I set out to do

To Hermes
Hail to thee, O Hermes,
Messenger god who rides winds over the earth
And carries the whispers of the gods to mortal ears.
Lord of deals, god of business and commerce,
Of all those who seek money through talent and skill.
Quick witted, mischievous silver-tongued youth,
Patron of tradesmen and gamblers and thieves.
God of wanderers, of those who are homeless,
And of the souls of the passed, traveling to Haides.
I call you, dear Hermes, may I have in abundance all that I need,
may I always have a way to achieve my desires.

To Apollon
Hail to thee, O Apollon
Lord of light and prophesy;
The perfect youth.
Brilliant god of healing, who grants ease to flesh and mind and soul.
Beloved spirit of truth, whose teachings led to awareness of gods and self.
You are the force that causes life to seek out perfection.
Great Lord of song, leader of the inspiring muses.
Wise and compassionate Apollon;
You who are the illumination of the world and mind,
Grant me the ability to hear your voice and your guidance,
 and to truly know myself.

To Artemis
Hail to thee, O Artemis
Lady of darkness and of life’s mysteries;
Stag-goddess, bear-goddess; leader of the hunt,
Goddess of nature- deadly and wild and raw.
Beloved sister, who grants a gentle slide into a peaceful death,
And whose touch eases the pains of labor and birth.
Great Goddess of fertility of beast and fish and fowl ,
Mysterious and secretive Artemis
Whose power flows out of the night;
Bless me with the awareness of Nature around me
and with an understanding of my place within it.

To Ares
Hail to thee, O Ares
Spirit of war and combat,
Bloodstained god of battlefield’s gore.
Fearsome lord of sword and spear,
whose shield protects our homes and families.
You, who are scorned by so many as violence,
You are the force that has allowed mankind to exist and to thrive-
The push to defend, to rise against all challenge and to defeat the greatest of odds.
Passionate and rash Ares; your strength is an endless wellspring on which to draw
Grant me, O Lord, The courage to face any fear and
the strength to fight against all that stands in my way.

To Athene
Hail to thee O Athene
Born of thought and thunder;
Sprung forth, full-grown of Zeus’ mind.
City loving goddess of council and congress
And of the strategies and soldiers that keep us secure.
Great weaver, goddess of industry, of market and craft
Whose inspiration grants us tools to ease our burden.
Goddess of learning and wisdom
And of those whose questions seek out truth.
Aegis wearing goddess of war,
Grant to me the strength to seek out the answers I need
and the wisdom to use what I find. 

To Hephaistos
Hail to thee O Hephaistos,
Fatherless god, born of queenly power,
Punished from birth for siding ‘gainst Zeus.
Maimed and broken god
Thrown from the heights of heaven into the deep sea below.
Ash-covered smith of forge and of fire and tools;
Jeweler and craftsman, armorour of the gods,
Builder of temples and great palace halls.
God of the deep flames, of molten metal and molten earth,
Of stone points and bronze swords and the iron horse of the plains.
Hear me Hephaistos and grant me your gifts- to make with my hands
what I see in my mind- and make all that I make beautiful. 

To Inanna
Hail to thee, O Inanna
Great Lady of a Thousand Names
Most beautiful Goddess
Queen of Heaven and Earth
And who stormed Irkalla’s gates and returned scathed,
and yet greater than before.
Fierce warrior and sacred whore whose thirsts can not be quenched,
Who hunts both mountains’ beasts and tavern’s beautiful youths
Goddess of the morning star
Goddess of the evening star
Goddess of the gifts that make life good
Hear me great Lady and lay your mantle upon me
 and I walk this world in your name.

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