Monday, 3 March 2014

By Red and Green and Sacred Things

By red and green and sacred things,
Through wine and weed and words -
A call that only I can hear,
My thoughts within me churn.

A deafening silence within me rings,
Words tumble from my lips,
The spirits of the world draws near
And hold me in their grip.

By sounds and signs and images
Transcribed upon the page,
Of ecstasy and love and lust
Of sorrow, pain and rage.

The liquid passes o’er my lips,
His red-blood fills my veins,
The smoke expands within my lungs;
And reality does wane.

I spin and dance and leap about
And yell and prophesy;
The veils of space and time grow dim
And rend eternity.

The worlds collide and overlap –
Heaven, Earth and Hell.
I walk on old and shadowed roads
Ones that I know so well.

Truth and lies and in between
Twist and fuse and merge,
Whispers shout into my ears,
And fantasies emerge.

My body aches and yearns and longs –
I hunger for his kiss.
His scent excites my flesh and soul,
His touch brings fear and bliss.

These gifts given from my Lord
Teach of secrets and unseen
Granted by the power of
Words and red and green.

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