Monday, 3 March 2014

Know this – I died for you

(An offering for Remembrance Day)

Whether I rest ‘neath the poppies of Flanders Fields,
Or in an Unknown Soldier’s grave;
If my bones are dust under Marathon’s plain
Or I lie below Acteon’s waves
            Know this – I died for you

If I fought with shield and blooded spear
Or with the cannon’s mighty roar
If stalked through burning jungles growth
Or on jet-wings fiercely soared
            Know this – I fought for you

Whether it was freedom we were fighting for
Or land or goods or love
My opponents were as flesh as I
Made of bone and breath and Blood
            Know this – I took life for you

When war is fought and blood is shed
It is no ones victory
But we must protect all that we love
Safeguard home and family
            And I would die again for you

You need not know why I fought
Or where from which I came
You needn’t know how I died  
Or even know my name
            But remember what I gave for you

I traded in my dreams for death
Left behind husband, child, wife
In order to uphold your chance
To live a free and peaceful life
            Be worthy of what I gave for you

It is up to you now to hold the watch
To wage war against tyranny
Weather with weapons or words or protest
You must struggle to remain free
            Do not give up what I won for you

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