Monday, 3 March 2014


Sun stands stock still like a forge blazing in the heavens
The colours of fields and flowers woven out of its light
Where sea meets sky a heat haze hangs on the horizon
Teasing with glimpses of faeries flying just out of sight

The sun rises strong, but knows its strengths fading
The Horned One accepts His own death with His crown
For from now on till rebirth, the Sun God is waning
To the life of the land the life of the God has been bound

So jump the bonfire and burn away evil
Carry a torch in procession and bless land and home
Gather the garlands and deck all with flowers
Celebrate beauty for its sake alone

Sing of Midsummer's wonder in play and in pageant
Sing of the eternally conquering light
But never forget that the longest day’s laughter
Always lead us back into the dark of the night

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