Monday, 3 March 2014

A Prayer to Dionysus

Dionusos, send your blessing
Relieve me of my mortal pains
Fill me with your healing madness
Before I drive myself insane

Blessed Bakkhus, bring oblivion
Let me sleep a dream-filled sleep
Send your wisdom-laden liquid
To drag me down into the deep

Eleuthereus, emancipator
Relax my body and my mind
Fill my lungs up with your visions
Show me what I need to find

Nyktipolos who prowls the night
Drown out my hurt with ecstasy
Through lust and pain and violent loving
Set my mind and spirit free

Kharidotes – who brings grace
Inspire me in words and rhyme
Ease the passage of my thoughts
And turn them into flowing lines

Dionusos send your blessings
Let me see with mystic sight
Let me wander in your shadows
Until I’m ready for the light

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