Monday, 3 March 2014

I Want

I want to hear what darkness sounds like.
To see the shapes that silence hides.
To feel caresses of the hurricane,
Walk beneath receding tides.
Everybody’s secrets are the same ones,
Deep down we share the lies.
You can tell another’s deepest feelings
If you would listen to their eyes.
I want to see the setting sun
Drift down into the east;
See waves erupting from the mountain
See flames upon the seas.
Our desires are not different
Childhood fantasies though were grown.
The faces that we see of other’s
Are reflections of our own.
I want to dance upon the clouds,
And feel the coldness of the flames;
To hear the song the stars do shine
And feel the dryness of the rains.
We scream our fears aloud in whispers
And disguise our pain in sight.
We see ourselves as clothed in shadow-
Where others see our light.
I want to taste the rainbow’s colours,
To see the breath inside the gems,
To climb the ladder made by moonlight.
To be known for who I truly am.
We all want to be ourselves,
To love and to be loved,
Want to feel that feeling- that elation-
When the impossible is done.

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